Being a contractor requires efficiency. MG Merchant Services can help you set up your merchant account and start accepting credit card payments quickly. Our merchant services provide efficient payment processing solutions with next-day funding, giving you access to your funds as soon as possible.
Experience quicker, more secure, and smooth payment processing so you can focus on what matters most, providing excellent services to your clients.

Our services include:


On-the-Go Payment Solutions.

This service provides flexibility so contractors may receive payments on-site, streamlining transactions and boosting cash flow.

They increase customer satisfaction and gain a competitive advantage by offering a variety of payment alternatives.

Cash Advances.

A cash advance is a financial service that allows businesses to borrow a certain amount of cash upfront from a lender. Cash Advances are typically a short-term borrowing arrangement, often associated with credit cards. This financial flexibility allows contractors to take advantage of fresh possibilities, take on more projects, or deal with emergencies without affecting their operations or risking project delays. Cash advances may help contractor merchants maintain consistent operations, capitalize on expansion possibilities, and successfully manage cash flow changes, making them a vital asset for their business.


CRM/Billing System.

Our CRM/Invoice system allows you to manage your contracts, estimates, and invoices. You can save cards and keep track of potential clients with features like lead management and proposals.

The system also is capable of managing recurring billing contracts and customer programs that allow them to view their statements.