MG Merchant Services

Frequently Asked Questions

¿Qué es un proveedor de servicios comerciales (MSP) y qué servicios ofrece MG Merchant?

A Merchant Service Provider (MSP) offers payment processing solutions and services to businesses, enabling them to accept various forms of EBT (food stamps) credit and debit card payments.

How does the payment processing system work, and what types of payments can I accept?

The payment processing system handles transactions by transmitting payment information between the customer, merchant, and financial institutions. You can accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB, Union Pay, and Diners Club.

Are there any setup or application fees for opening a merchant account?

No, MG Merchant does not have application fees or additional setup fees.

Do you offer different pricing models, such as flat-rate or interchange-plus?

Yes, MG merchant offers Interchange pricing, cash discount, and bundled pricing.

What security measures do you have in place to protect sensitive customer data during transactions?

All transactions processed through any gateway or physical equipment are encrypted to protect sensitive customer data.

Can you help integrate your payment processing system with my existing e-commerce platform or point-of-sale system?

Yes, our gateways can easily be integrated into most e-commerce platforms, and our pin pads can be set up to work with existing POS Systems.

Do you provide fraud detection or prevention tools to safeguard against fraudulent transactions?

Please visit our fraud prevention page to learn how MG Merchant helps merchants prevent fraud.

How quickly can I access funds from processed transactions?

It depends on your funding option, but most commonly, transactions processed before the processor’s cut-off time will be deposited the next day. Transactions processed on Friday may be deposited on Monday, along with weekend transactions.

¿Hay algún término contractual o cargos por cancelación anticipada asociados con el uso de sus servicios?

No, MG Merchant has no contracts or early termination fees. However, merchants with free placement equipment are required to return the equipment and power cable no more than seven (7) days after the termination of the account; otherwise, they’ll be charged the cost of the equipment.

¿Cómo cumplo con los requisitos del Estándar de seguridad de datos de la industria de tarjetas de pago (PCI DSS)?

Todos los comerciantes reciben un correo electrónico sobre el cumplimiento de PCI una vez que se aprueba una cuenta. Si necesita ayuda para completar su PCI o escaneo de red trimestral, contáctenos y lo ayudaremos a completarlo. Mantener validado su cumplimiento de PCI es importante para evitar cargos por incumplimiento.

Do you offer mobile payment solutions for businesses that need to accept payments on the go?

Yes, we provide a wide range of mobile devices that allow merchants to process on-thego payments without needing an internet or a WIFI connection.

Can I switch my existing merchant services to your company, and how seamless is the transition process?

Yes, we’ll help you set up the new account, and once the account is approved, we’ll go and install the new equipment and train all staff on how to use it, ensuring a smooth transition.

Are there any restrictions or limitations on the types of businesses you work with?

Some industries may be more challenging than others, but we work with all sectors thanks to our vast range of partner networks.