MG Merchant Services can be a valuable partner for your health company by offering secure, efficient, and compliant payment processing solutions. This support can lead to improved financial management, enhanced patient experience, and increased overall efficiency for healthcare companies

These are some of the ways MG Merchant Services can help:

Free Equipment

Free Placement Program.

With our free placement program, we make it simple for you to begin receiving payments without worrying about the cost of equipment purchases. Start processing payments immediately, saving money that you may put toward other necessities for your business. We’ll work with you to integrate our services into your existing systems to ensure a smooth transition.

Wi-Fi, 5G, and Bluetooth Connection Options.

No matter where you are, MG Merchant Services provides a variety of connection choices, including Wi-Fi, 5G, and Bluetooth, to ensure you are always connected to your payment systems. Pick the connection choice that best suits your needs, whether in a busy city or a distant location. Take advantage of consistent connectivity that enables you to provide clients effective service and maintain seamless transactions. Offer innovative payment options that meet the needs of you and your clients.


CRM/Billing System.

Our CRM/Invoice system allows you to manage your contracts, estimates, and invoices. You can save cards and keep track of potential clients with features like lead management and proposals. Recurring billing contracts and customer programs that allow them to view their statements.

Convenient and Secure Payment Processing.

MG Merchant Services understands that healthcare providers require a streamlined payment solution that ensures transaction security and convenience. Our specialized merchant services are tailored to these specific requirements.

Our services adhere to the highest data security standards, ensuring the security of sensitive patient information and allowing you to stay HIPPA compliant. We help you provide your patients with various payment options to improve their convenience and satisfaction.


Recurring and Flexible Instalment Payments.

We at MG Merchant Services know how important it is to provide flexible payment options in the healthcare industry. Our specialized merchant services enable hassle-free installment payment plans for patients as a service to health merchants. Allowing patients to pay for medical assistance in manageable installments will ease their financial burden. Individualize payment schedules for patients, ensuring affordability and increasing patient satisfaction.

Healthcare providers may struggle to handle recurring payments, such as membership dues or subscription-based services. Our merchant services’ automated recurring payment solutions will simplify your financial operations. Automate subscription payments to ensure consistent revenue, keep customers happy, and reduce administrative work by automating the billing and collection of recurring payments.