MG Merchant Services specializes in supporting high-risk merchants, providing various solutions tailored to the specific challenges these businesses encounter, such as percentage of chargebacks, industry type, applicant’s personal credit, processing volume, and payment method, among others.

MG Merchant Services provides high-risk merchants with the following:


Higher Approval Rate.

We are partnered with various processors to help find the one best suited for your needs.

Fraud Prevention.

High-risk merchants are frequently targeted by fraud. We can provide advanced fraud protection expertise and real-time transaction monitoring.


Chargeback Alerts.

We will assist you in effectively managing chargebacks and reducing their impact on your business. MG Merchant Services will collaborate with you to reduce Chargebacks and keep your merchant account in good standing.

Multi Merchant Account Management.

High-risk merchants can benefit from multi-merchant accounts by streamlining processes, increasing efficiency, and enhancing data management. It also helps distribute risk across multiple accounts.

Free Equipment

Offshore Processors.

High-risk businesses frequently face significant rejection rates when applying for domestic merchant accounts. For such companies, offshore processors have higher acceptance rates, giving them a better chance of acquiring dependable payment processing services.

Some examples of high-risk industries include: Adult videos and toys, CBD, Debt Consolidation, Online gaming and casinos, Web design, Law firms, Multi-level.