Insurance companies deal with sophisticated payment structures involving premiums, policy adjustments, and claims processing. This complexity might make transaction management easier. MG Merchant Services can help simplify these processes by providing customized payment solutions for insurance merchants’ specific needs.

Why choose MG Merchant Services?


Surcharge Program.

The Surcharge Program enables you to recover your processing expenses, increasing income without sacrificing quality.

Surcharge programs work by transferring the cost of credit cards to your clients.

Recurring Billing.

Our Recurring Billing solution transforms premium collecting for insurance companies. Our system automates the billing process for monthly or annual premiums.

Automated billing simplifies premium collection, freeing up valuable time and resources for other business areas. Your policyholders will enjoy the ease of automated payments, increasing retention and loyalty.


Clients Can Save Multiple Cards On File.

Your clients can safely store several cards on file using our platform. This feature improves convenience by allowing clients to pick their preferred payment method without re-entering their credit card information. Clients can easily access cards on file, making transactions simple and easy.

Free Equipment.

We are committed to your success. As your partner, we provide insurance merchants with free processing equipment to help you get started, allowing you to focus on your clients.

Our free equipment offer minimizes your initial financial load, allowing you to focus your resources where they are most needed.

Free Equipment