MG Merchant Services is well-versed in dealing with the nutraceutical industry’s unique challenges, such as regulatory complexities and a higher likelihood of chargebacks. We offer specialized solutions such as risk management strategies, robust fraud prevention tools, and chargeback management services. Nutraceutical companies can navigate these challenges more effectively, maintain payment processing stability, and protect their revenue streams while remaining compliant with industry regulations by partnering with merchant services experienced in high-risk industries.

Below are some of the ways we can help:


Higher Approval Rates.

MG Merchant Services are critical in assisting businesses in obtaining higher approval rates from payment processors. They accomplish this by ensuring all required criteria are met and maintaining solid relationships with processors. MG Merchant Services helps businesses improve approval rates by partnering with processors that work with nutraceutical companies, resulting in a smoother and more successful application process. This is especially important in high-risk industries where approval is challenging to obtain.

Fraud Prevention.

Given the vulnerability of the nutraceutical industry to fraudulent activities, these services offer advanced fraud detection tools, real-time transaction monitoring, and rigorous security protocols. They can identify suspicious activities quickly by continuously monitoring transactions and analyzing patterns, reducing the risk of fraudulent orders and chargebacks. This protects the company from financial losses and provides a more secure and trustworthy environment for customers and legitimate transactions.


Online Gateways.

We are experts at seamlessly integrating online gateways into e-commerce platforms, ensuring secure and efficient transactions. This includes managing complex nutraceutical industry regulations, which reduces the likelihood of payment processing issues or disruptions. By utilizing these services, nutraceutical companies can provide customers with a smooth and trustworthy online shopping experience while remaining compliant with payment gateway requirements, thereby increasing their online sales and reputation.


We will assist you in effectively managing chargebacks and reducing their impact on your business. MG Merchant Services will collaborate with you to reduce Chargebacks and keep your merchant account compliant with industry standards.


Multi Merchant Account Management.

Nutraceutical companies can use our services to efficiently manage multiple merchant accounts, streamlining financial. We make tracking transactions and monitoring each account’s performance easier. This level of control and organization saves time and improves financial management, allowing nutraceutical companies to focus on core operations and growth rather than complex account management.

Offshore Processors.

Offshore processors have better approval rates, giving you a better chance of acquiring dependable payment processing services.


Invoicing system.

Our billing systems streamline the billing process, allowing companies to generate and send invoices quickly. It includes customization features enabling nutraceutical businesses to tailor invoices to their needs, such as branding and subscription management.