On the Go Merchant

MG Merchant Services understands that mobility is vital for your business. You can now collect payments on the go with the help of our innovative wireless technology. Embrace the freedom of wireless transactions to meet your clients’ demands wherever they may be and bid traditional restrictions goodbye.

Why choose MG Merchant Services?


On-the-Go Payment Solutions.

This service provides flexibility so you can receive payments on-site, streamlining transactions and boosting cash flow. They increase customer satisfaction and gain a competitive advantage by offering a variety of payment alternatives

Wireless Equipment.

Our wireless technology enables you to serve customers during events, fairs, or even in far-off locations without being restricted to a set point of sale.

Give your customers smooth payment experiences to ensure their comfort and satisfaction.

Free Equipment

Free Placement Program.

You’ll receive the necessary payment equipment via our Free Placement Program without paying anything upfront. We make it simple for you to begin receiving payments without worrying about the cost of equipment purchases and start processing payments immediately, saving money that you may put toward other necessities for your business. Our equipment easily connects with your current systems to ensure a smooth transition.

Online Access to Manage Transactions.

For merchants that operate on the go, efficiency is crucial. MG Merchant Services’ online access allows you to manage transactions anytime, anywhere. Our user-friendly online portal lets you keep tabs on sales, identify trends, and stay involved in your company.

You can control on-the-go business by having remote access to your transaction data. Utilize current analytics to be informed about your sales performance and make wise decisions.


Wi-Fi, 5G, and Bluetooth Connection Options.

Connectivity fuels on-the-go merchants.
No matter where you are, MG Merchant Services provides a variety of connection choices, including Wi-Fi, 5G, and Bluetooth, to ensure you are always connected to your payment systems. Pick the connection choice that best suits your needs, whether in a busy city or a distant location. Take advantage of consistent connectivity that enables you to provide clients effective service and maintain seamless transactions.

Offer innovative payment options that meet the needs of you and your clients.